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Technical Guidance & Permits

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice of an interim final policy on county waste planning and draft policies on water temperature discharge criteria and bulk water hauling for comment and rescinded a policy related to medical x-rays. Details below--

Interim Final: DEP ID: 254-2212-504. Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of County Municipal Waste Management Plan Revisions. This technical guidance document provides the Department regional staff and county recycling coordinators with updated information to aid in their development and review of county waste management plans.

Draft: DEP ID: 391-2000-017. Implementation Guidance Temperature Criteria. Updates were made to this technical guidance document to clarify procedures applicable to 316(a) demonstrations, including consideration of situations where there is an incomplete mix between the discharge flow and the receiving water.

Draft: DEP ID: 383-2127-103. Permitting of Bulk Water Hauling Systems. The Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Regulations (25 Pa. Code Chapter 109 (relating to safe drinking water)) define a bulk water hauling system as a public water system which provides water piped into a carrier vehicle and withdrawn by a similar means into the user's storage facility or vessel.

Rescinded: DEP ID: 291-3350-001. Monitoring and Reporting Methodology for Individuals Occupationally Exposed to Medical X-rays While Wearing Protective Apparel. On 37 Pa.B. 473 (January 27, 2007), the Department published notice of the availability of draft document No. 291-3350-001 for public comment.

For copies of Draft Technical Guidance (DEP website)

For copies of Final Technical Guidance (DEP website)


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