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PA Recycling Markets Center Offers Green Share Program To Turn Waste Into Raw Materials
The Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center is offering both technical and financial project assistance that enables manufacturers and business to turn one company's waste into another company's raw materials through the Green Share Program.
The intent of the RMC Green Share Program is to stimulate economic development, workforce development, and commercialization growth in business and industry where a recycled material supports manufacture of a recycled content product.
Qualified businesses are eligible for RMC Green Share of up to 50 percent of a project, with a maximum share from the RMC of $10,000. Applicants are required to develop and share measurable outcomes with the RMC. Equipment purchase, permit fees, and indirect costs are not eligible through the Green Share Program.
Examples of eligible Green Share Program assistance include but are not limited to: product standardization evaluation or testing; feedstock or product analytical testing; engineering/tooling design cost; manufacturing system design costs; and product markets assessment costs.
The RMC Green Share Program will be available until May 31, 2009 or until the available Green Share Program budget is exhausted. Interested companies must be engaged through the project duration with the RMC or jointly between the RMC and an approved RMC partnering organization.
For additional information on this limited opportunity, contact the RMC at 717-948-6660 or send email to:


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