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Our Gift to You – Pennsylvania’s Environment Desktop 2004
Pennsylvania's Environment Desktop

To help celebrate the beauty and diversity of Pennsylvania’s environment, PA Environment Digest is pleased to provide you with this gift.

Taken from the four corners of Pennsylvania, this collage of photographs represents just a peek into the beauty of our state, restoration efforts underway and the new green technologies that are part of Pennsylvania’s Environment today.

Use the photo for the wallpaper on your computer as a daily reminder of what’s good about Pennsylvania’s environment and how we’ve taken positive steps to restore and protect it.

For a copy, just Click Here to download and either right click on the photo and select "Set as Background" or save the photo to your computer and use the Control Panel to set it as your Desktop.

How can you take positive action to protect the environment? Check out What’s Your Environmental Footprint? and read “Taking Positive Action” below.

(And just for fun, send your guesses on where each photo was taken to: . The answers will be in a future Digest.)

Contents – On the Hill

· Instant Replay: 2004 Environmental Legislative Accomplishments

· Rendell Offers Mid-Term Assessment of Accomplishments

· Op-Ed: Pennsylvania's Environment Remains Top Priority -- By Rep. Bill Adolph

· Fumo’s Mid-Year Review of Budget, Urges Transfer to Hazardous Sites Fund

· Rendell to Call Special Mass Transit Session of General Assembly

Other News

· Next Round of Growing Greener Watershed Grant Applications Due in March

· Apply Now for Small Watershed Grants from Fish & Boat Commission

· Alt Retires From Pennsylvania Game Commission

· 15 Projects Approved Thru Business In Our Sites, Including Brownfields

· Latest on Green Buildings from the Green Building Alliance in Pittsburgh

· Nominations Now Being Accepted for 2005 Preservation Pennsylvania Awards

· Quick Clips: Renewable Energy, Hybrid Cars, State Forest Cleanups, Students, Open space, Author’s Work

· Instant Replay: Most Significant Environmental Headlines of 2004

· Governor, Cabinet Officials Get 5.2 Percent Cost of Living Increase

· PEMA Urges Winter Weather Preparedness

Taking Positive Actions

· Meet Our “Forces of Nature” for 2004, Follow the Leaders into a Green 2005

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