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51 Work Plans, Recommendations Approved By DEP Climate Change Advisory Committee

Members of the DEP Climate Change Advisory Committee met July 17 to discuss their final work plan recommendations for the department's consideration for inclusion in the Climate Change Action Plan.

The CCAC recommended 51 work plans, rejecting only three that were under consideration. An additional five work plans had been analyzed for their microeconomic impacts, but required no further action because they represent recent actions already established via federal or state law.

The department is beginning to draft the report for the Climate Change Action Plan which will be completed after receiving the results of the macroeconomic modeling in September.

The next full CCAC meeting is August 14.

The revised, approved work plans and recommendations will be posted on the Climate Change Advisory Committee webpage within the next week or so.

For more information, contact Joe Cherrick, DEP Climate Change Program Manager, 717-705-0372 or send email to:


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