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Bills On Governor's Desk

The following bill was signed into law by Gov. Rendell this week--

Coal Refuse Piles:  House Bill 1847 (Harhai-D-Westmoreland)  establishing a special review board to arbitrate coal bed methane well-location disputes between landowners and gas companies was signed into law this week by the Governor as Act 4.

            "From our long and costly experience of dealing with the aftermath of mining and disposal of mine refuse over the past 150 years, we know that any future projects must be carefully sighted and operated to ensure against worsening the runoff problems that plague many local watersheds and, where possible, to reverse the damage," said Rep. Ted Harhai (D-Westmoreland) the prime sponsor. "The new law that I proposed and the governor has signed will prevent mine and refuse pile runoff from expanding, and help us mitigate existing environmental damage.
            "A great deal of money and work has been committed to reversing mine runoff damage. It would be a great waste to allow any new watershed problems to develop."



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