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Your Help Needed In Odwalla Plant A Tree Campaign For PA

Pennsylvania will compete with the other 49 states throughout May in a “Plant a Tree” campaign sponsored by Odwalla fruit juices. 
            Over the past two years—through Plant a Tree—Odwalla has helped plant 160,000 trees in state park systems across the country. This year, it will dedicate $200,000 to the tree planting cause.
            Beginning May 25, citizens across the country will be asked to go to the Odwalla website, and vote for their favorite state to have a tree planted. Each vote will count as a dollar, and once all $200,000 are allotted, the campaign will end. The number of votes a state gets will equal the number of dollars it receives to plant trees within state parks. 
            Over the last two years, Pennsylvania has received more than $25,000 from Odwalla.
            It’s easy to help Pennsylvania become the top vote getter and score the most dollars for state park trees. Citizens must vote early before all the dollars are gone. Last year’s campaign, involving only nine states, lasted less than two weeks. Don’t miss the opportunity to make Pennsylvania the winner. 
            Vote May 25! After voting, don’t forget to view Pennsylvania’s hilarious new video featuring iConservePA’s very own Barkleavies attending a rally for more trees. You’ll be chanting and singing along with them.
            Record your vote now!


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