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Regulations, Technical Guidance & Permits

The Independent Regulatory Review Commission published notice of comments on Environmental Quality Board regulations relating to the Land Recycling Program and implementing the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act.

Pennsylvania Bulletin - May 15, 2010

Proposed Regulations Open For Comment - DEP webpage

Proposed Regulations With Closed Comment Periods - DEP webpage

Technical Guidance & Permits

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice of a correction on the comment deadline for the Policy for Coordinating NPDES Permitting in the Monongahela River Watershed--  it is now June 4, notice of proposed Nutrient Credit Trades and notice of changes to the list of those certified to perform radon related activities (PA Bulletin page 2595)

The City of Philadelphia published notice of a proposed 2011 Air Quality Monitoring Network Plan.

Technical Guidance Comment Deadlines - DEP webpage



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