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Taking Positive Action - Johnson & Johnson Recognized as Corporate Environmental Leader by EPA

For the first time, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is recognizing corporate-wide environmental leadership under its National Environmental Performance Track program. Johnson & Johnson was selected as one of EPA’s first three Performance Track Corporate Leaders.

To qualify for Corporate Leaders, companies must have a substantial number of facilities in Performance Track. For example, 82 percent of Johnson & Johnson's facilities are part of the program.

Johnson & Johnson has seven major facilities in Pennsylvania located in Fort Washington, Malvern, Exton and Warminster.

The companies also promise to continuously improve their environmental performance and that of their suppliers and customers. Companies can improve the environmental performance of their customers by providing them information such as how to use a product or how to recycle.

Other Corporate Leader qualification considerations include: a strong record of compliance with environmental regulations; robust corporate management of environmental issues; past and future commitments to environmental performance improvement; and public outreach and reporting on environmental achievements.

Based on these criteria, each year EPA expects to invite a limited number of companies to apply for the Corporate Leader designation.

Historically a facility-based program, Performance Track has added this
Corporate Leader designation to recognize companies that have demonstrated a commitment to company-wide environmental excellence.

Since the program's inception in June 2000, Performance Track membership
has grown and produced solid environmental results. The program currently has over 350 members in 46 states and Puerto Rico. To date, Performance Track members have collectively reduced their water use by 1.3 billion gallons and their generation of solid waste by nearly 970,000 tons, increased their use of reused or recycled materials by
nearly 77,000 tons, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 67,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Performance Track encourages participation by small, medium and large facilities. The major industries are represented, with manufacturers of chemical, electronic and electrical, and medical equipment composing nearly 40 percent of the current members.

The public sector is also represented by members such as national defense installations, postal facilities, and municipalities. Performance Track provides incentives that promote high levels of environmental performance and a learning network in which best practices are shared.

For more information on membership benefits, visit the Performance Track Partnership webpage.


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