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Regulations, Technical Guidance & Permits

No new regulations were published this week. Pennsylvania Bulletin - October 30, 2010

Proposed Regulations Open For Comment - DEP webpage

Proposed Regulations With Closed Comment Periods - DEP webpage

Technical Guidance & Permits

The Department of Environmental Protection published notice of final guidance on mining contract operator approval and draft guidance on clean air civil penalty assessment and proposed revisions to General Plan Approval/Operating Permit for Nonroad Engines

Final: DEP ID: 562-2000-705.  Mining Contract Operator Approval. This Technical Guidance Document addresses contract operator approvals for coal and industrial mineral mining permits, describing the methods to be utilized by the Bureau of Mining and Reclamation for evaluating and tracking contract operators.

Draft: DEP ID: 273-4130-003. Guidance for Application of Regional Civil Assessment Procedure. The Department proposes to revise its Guidance for Application of Regional Civil Assessment Procedure, Technical Guidance Document Number 273-4130-003, which was developed in 1992 and revised in 2002, to establish uniform criteria for assessing monetary penalties for violations of requirements of the Federal Clean Air Act, Pennsylvania Air Pollution Control Act (APCA) and rules and regulations adopted under the acts.

Technical Guidance Comment Deadlines - DEP webpage


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