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DEP OKs First Mobile Aquatech Drilling Water Treatment System

Integrated Water Technologies this week said it has proven the effectiveness of FracPure Produced Water Remediation for the Department of Environmental Protection. 
            John T. Hines, Deputy Secretary, Office of Water Management for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection states, "This is the first frac wastewater treatment system that has been successfully demonstrated for the treatment of Marcellus Shale frac wastewater."
            The first unit will be operational and serving the natural gas industry in January 2011.
            FracPure Mobile Water Treatment Systems effectively remove all contaminants from frac water and return 80 percent of flowback, into clean water distillate for re-use on the drilling sites, or discharge into the environment. The remaining 20 percent is a concentrated salt brine, which will be treated at FracPure Centralized Treatment Plants, yielding beneficial salt products and distilled water.
            FracPur helps solves problems in frac water supply, handling and disposal, while eliminating long term environmental liabilities for the natural gas industry.  
            The patent pending, FracPure remediates flow back brine into cleaned water exceeding all EPA and State drinking water standards of 500 parts per million of total dissolved solids, and Pennsylvania's new proposed wastewater requirements set to take effect January 1, 2011, which is safe to return to the water table and into rivers and streams. 
            The only other byproducts are 99.7 percent pure salts for water softening and liquid salt for erosion control and de-icing of roads.
            FracPure is the most cost effective water management solution because it reduces water supply costs by creating new sources, reduces trucking costs with on-site treatment and recycling, and reduces plant operation costs by creating commercially sold salt products. 
            For more information, visit the Integrated Water Technologies website.


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