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Weis Markets’ Associates Increase Commitment To Recycling

On November 15, Weis Markets will participate in America Recycles Day, a day dedicated to the promotion of daily recycling programs.   
            America Recycles Day is being promoted by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and encourages people to recycle more at home, work, and on the go and to buy recycled products. 
            As part of this day, every Weis associate including those who work in the company’s 164 stores will take part in America Recycles Day by signing the Weis “Trash Treaty” commitment to take part in the company’s recycling programs.  This trash treaty will be displayed in the Company’s stores. 
            The Trash Treaty reinforces the company’s efforts to reduce waste, recycle and find new opportunities to reduce its impact on the environment. 
            "We are proud that all Weis associates are participating in America Recycles Day and are making an effort to conserve natural resources by recycling every day," said David Hepfinger, Weis Markets President and CEO.  "Today, it’s not just about trash or garbage.  There’s more to it and we want our associates to be more aware of what can be recycled or reused.” 
            As part of this pledge, Weis Markets’ associates are acknowledging that trash disposal is expensive and is a source of pollution that creates unnecessary greenhouse gases.  And each associate pledges to understand the benefits of recycling to the environment and their company. 
            “We know that 80 percent of what we discard can be recycled or reused. As a company that’s been recycling for 30 years, we recycled 1.5 million pounds of plastic bags and 45.8 million pounds of cardboard in 2009,” said Patti Olenick, Weis Markets Sustainability Specialist.  “Our Trash Treaty reflects our collective commitment to do even more in the coming years.” 
            Ms. Olenick also said her company is also involved in two pilot programs evaluating the feasibility of composting food waste typically thrown in the dumpster. Since the largest portion of a grocery store's waste stream is food waste, Weis Markets is looking for ways to recycle food waste and turn it into compost.   
            As part of America Recycles Day on Monday, November 15, Weis Markets will feature a buy one get one free deal on its newly redesigned reusable shopping bags with a buy one get one free offer at our stores. The bags are made with microban to prohibit bacterial growth.


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