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Central PA Conservancy Guide To Community-Supported Forest Product Businesses

            This 32-page publication has listings of forest consultants, cabinet makers, millworks, lumber suppliers, wood working companies and many other diverse economies that utilize local forest resources.
            The publication will help people make informed decisions that improve their own well-being and ensure clean water, viable populations of native wildlife, recreational opportunities, attractive communities, and the sustainable production of wood and paper products.
            Like small farms, small forest product operations serve a vital role in our communities. When you buy locally, your money stays within the community, bolstering the local economy.
             Community Supported Forests in the South Mountain landscape is an effort to build a region-wide focus on forests and the role they play in our quality of life. South Mountain, the northern terminus of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a dominating and important feature in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, and York Counties. 
            The Mountain has played a significant role in the regions history and development. Communities surrounding the Mountain have thrived because of the fertile limestone agricultural lands, the timber that fed the iron furnaces, the plentiful game and wildlife, and the abundance of pure spring water captured in the highlands and released into the valleys.
            By working together the South Mountain Landscape forests will be here for generations to come and they too will pass on a forest that meets the needs of generations forward.
            Community Supported Forests reflect a community shared land ethic. We know we want to protect the character and quality of life that Central Pennsylvania’s scenic woodlands and ridges provide us. Abundant, clean water, unfragmented habit for wildlife and diverse recreational opportunities are all enjoyed in our forested landscape. 
            Additionally, when we connect our healthy forests and the marketplace, by harvesting and converting wood into quality products, more value is sent back to the forest and forest stewards, keeping local forests healthy, beautiful, and productive. 
            This new publication is a project of the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy in partnership with Penn State School of Forest Resources, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Capital Resource Conservation and Development Area Council.
            The publication will be available through the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Franklin County Visitors Bureau, Appalachian Trail Office in Boiling Springs, Pine Grove Furnace State Park, DCNR, RC&D and CPC office as well as some of the local mills and woodworking shops. 
            If you would like a copy, please contact the Central PA Conservancy or download a copy.


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