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Delaware Conservation District, PRC Offer Clean Water, Energy Conservation Workshops

The Delaware County Conservation District and the PA Resources Council are partnering to offer county residents a series of five We All Live Downstream workshop in May and June and five Bringing Green Energy Home workshops in July and August.
            We All Live Downstream
            “We All Live Downstream” will combine multimedia, interactive presentations to inform residents on water conservation and storm water management practices for households, businesses and municipalities.
            Residents will learn about conserving water in the home, environmentally friendly auto care, sump pump drainage retrofits and proper function of storm water management basins. The series will also discuss the benefits of native landscaping for water conservation, rain gardens and rain barrels.
            Five “We All Live Downstream” workshops will be conducted May through June. All workshops are 7 to 8:30 p.m. The workshops are scheduled for:
-- May 5 at Upper Darby Municipal Building, 100 Garrett Road; 
-- May 23 at Upper Chichester Building, 2187 Furey Road, Boothwyn; 
-- June 6 at Pennsylvania Resources Council, 3606 Providence Road, Newtown Square; 
-- June 23 at Radnor Municipal Building, 301 Ivan Avenue, Wayne; and 
-- June 29 at Thornbury Municipal Building, 6 Township Drive, Cheyney.
            Bringing Green Energy Home
            The “Bringing Green Energy Home” series aims to educate homeowners and renters on alternative energy technologies, which include compact fluorescent light bulbs, solar-powered water heaters, hybrid vehicles and more.
            Five “Bringing Green Energy Home” workshops will be conducted July through August; also held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The workshops are scheduled for: 
-- July 13 at Swarthmore Borough Hall, 121 Park Ave.;
-- July 28 at Radnor Municipal Building, 301 Iven Ave., Wayne;
-- August 4 at Thornbury Township Municipal Building, 6 Township Drive, Cheyney;
-- August 11 at Middletown Township Building, 27 N. Pennell Road, Lima; and
-- August 22 at Pennsylvania Resources Council, 3606 Providence Road, Newtown Square.
            During the program, the Pennsylvania Resource Council’s trained environmental educators will present 90-minute multimedia and interactive presentations discussing all aspects of energy use in the home.
            The workshop will benefit homeowners as well as business owners and landlords.
Both traditional and non-traditional household energy conservation methods will be discussed.
            Residents can learn about Energy Star appliances, insulation, low-e windows, and computerized regulation of thermostats and lighting. Environmental educators will be available to answer questions after every workshop.
            Up to 80 participants per workshop will return home with a complimentary compact fluorescent light bulb and course materials to help establish energy conservation efforts. One lucky participant per workshop will also win a home energy audit worth $250.
            For more information or to register, visit the Delaware County Conservation District website or  or call the District at 610-892-9484.


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