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Keep America Beautiful Launches K-12 School Recycling Competition

Keep America Beautiful, Inc., and its Pennsylvania affiliate Keep PA Beautiful, Thursday announced the launch of “Recycle-Bowl,” the first comprehensive nationwide recycling competition for elementary, middle and high-school students. 

            Recycle-Bowl was created to provide students with a fun, interactive way to learn about waste reduction and environmental responsibility through in-school recycling. 
            Open to all U.S. schools and classrooms, the incentive-based recycling competition and benchmarking program kicks off this October and registration is now open on the Recycle-Bowl website. 
            The competition runs from October 17 through November 12, culminating around America Recycles Day. Participating schools will track and report how much recyclable material they collect for a chance to win prizes. 
            At the close of the four-week competition, the school in each state that collects the most recyclable material per capita will win $1,000. A national champion will then be chosen from among the statewide winners to receive an additional grand prize of $2,500. 
            “Recycle-Bowl is about much more than simply winning a prize,” said Matt McKenna, president and chief executive officer of Keep America Beautiful. “Through this fun competition, we’re providing students, teachers and administrators across the country with an opportunity to learn more about the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, and inspire their families to take similar actions both at home and in their communities.”
            Educational recycling activities will also be provided online and through a registration toolkit. The inaugural Recycle-Bowl is being sponsored by Nestle Waters North America.
            "Nestle Waters North America is eager to see more recycling in our schools”, said Heidi Paul, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Nestle Waters North America, “and to partner with Keep America Beautiful on this important recycling initiative.”
            Outreach Webinar
            To learn more about the competition, join Keep America Beautiful for a one-hour Recycle-Bowl kickoff webinar. The webinar will explain the competition, provide an overview of available resources and highlight the use of a recycling competition by Akron OH and the State of California. 

            The webinar will be held on August 22 at 1:00 p.m. and on August 25 at 3:00 p.m.   Reserve your Webinar seat for August 22 by clicking here and reserve your Webinar seat for August 25 by clicking here.


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