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PPL Electric Utilities Pushing The Green Button For Energy Savings

PPL Electric Utilities customers will soon be able to add an online "Green Button" to the tools and resources that can help them save energy and money.
            The utility Wednesday joined with the Obama administration and electric utilities from across the country to promote the Green Button initiative, an effort to enable people easier, user friendly online access to their energy usage data.
            PPL Electric Utilities, in cooperation with the Public Utility Commission, has committed to joining the nationwide program and expects it will be available to its customers sometime this summer.
            Green Button would standardize how electric usage data is presented to utility customers across the country and allow them to easily download their personal energy usage details into applications of their choice. Green Button-based web and smartphone applications are expected to assist consumers by providing energy-efficiency tips, virtual energy audit software and more.
            "Informed customers are much better prepared to use energy wisely. We've long held that view and feel that Green Button is a natural extension of our commitment to a well-informed customer base," said Gregory N. Dudkin, president of PPL Electric Utilities. "We salute the Obama administration for this effort, which will help bring even more consumers into the energy-efficiency fold."
            PPL Electric Utilities has long been a leader in empowering its customers with information to make more informed energy decisions. 
            Since 2007, its online Energy Analyzer has been available to customers to view their electric usage data. More than 200,000 customers have created individual energy use profiles using the tool, and greater than 60,000 regularly visit the Energy Analyzer every month to view how and when they use their electricity.
            The utility began investing in advanced meters for its 1.4 million customers in 2002 and completed that process in 2004. Information obtained from that automated equipment feeds data to the Energy Analyzer software. 
            The company also is using various channels to reach its customers on other topics, including through myPPL Alerts, a service that allows customers to get information by phone, text or email on subjects including outage restoration, bill amounts and usage.
            Signing up for the alerts is free, secure and easy and can be done online. The energy analyzer is also available online.
            Dudkin said PPL Electric Utilities' extensive menu of energy-saving options for its customers, including its E-power programs, fits with President Obama's call for an "all-of-the-above" strategy to help consumers cut energy costs.
            "Energy efficiency is never one-size-fits-all," Dudkin said. "Consumers want both information and options."


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