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House Passes Turn Around, Don't Drown Bill

The House Tuesday unanimously passed House Bill 2199 (Stephens'-R-Montgomery) to fine motorists who ignore temporary police barricades and drive through flooded areas during and after storms.
            "This is a major victory for our first-responders," Rep. Todd Stephens said. "They are the people placed in danger when drivers ignore temporary barricades and need to be rescued in a flood zone."
            The issue was first-presented to Rep. Stephens by Upper Dublin Township Manager and first-responder, Paul Leonard. Police in Montgomery County have also reported that this is a growing problem. Last year, the National Guard was called into Lower Moreland to rescue three emergency responders who had gone into flood waters to rescue others.
            "This recklessness must stop, and those who needlessly endanger our emergency responders must be held accountable," Rep. Stephens said. "My bill does just that."
            Under Rep. Stephens' bill anyone who requires rescue, towing or medical care if they ignore a barricade would be fined $250-$500, have to pay the costs of being rescued and have points assessed to their driving record.
            The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.  A summary and House Fiscal Note are available.


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