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Delaware Valley College Hosts 2nd Symposium On Water Issues Oct. 11-12

DelVal College will bring nationally known speakers, activists and authors to campus when it hosts its two-day symposium, October 11-12, on issues around water, the world's most important natural resource.

Established in 2010 by College President Dr. Joseph S. Brosnan, the Precarious Alliance series explores how we can adapt human networks to reduce trends of environmental degradation, economic instability and social disparities.

The events encourage civil dialogue between people from all sides of the issues while bringing together interdisciplinary perspectives to seek solutions.

Using the ethics of water as its organizing principle, the 2012 symposium will address three distinct though interrelated tracks: The Tap and Technology; The Earth; and The Idea.

The event will examine all facets of the natural resource, looking at uses and abuses of water systems, technology to improve our stewardship of those water supplies, as well as our relationship to this life sustaining resource.

Complementing the symposium's agenda of presentations and breakout sessions, highly revered activists will serve as the event's keynote speakers.

Author of The Big Thirst and The Wal-Mart Effect, Charles Fishman will commence the event Thursday afternoon, October 11. Fishman is one of America's most celebrated investigative journalists, specializing in business innovation and social responsibility.

Peter Thum, founder of the brand Ethos Water and the nonprofit Giving Water, will present Friday morning, October 12, while National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and Senior Advisor on Water to the United Nations, Maude Barlow, will conclude the event with her presentation Friday afternoon.

"We are pleased to host the second Precarious Alliance and honored to have the participation of three esteemed keynote speakers," said Dr. Brosnan. "Water runs our world in a host of ways, yet we take it completely for granted. This year's symposium will hopefully work to adjust and ultimately change those behaviors."

To register for the event and to view the complete agenda, including a film viewing of the documentary Last Call at the Oasis, visit the Symposium website.


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