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Aqua Pennsylvania: Help Is Available To Pay Water Bills

Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. is reminding customers that its Helping Hand assistance program is available to low-income families who find it difficult to pay their water bills.

The Helping Hand program is multi-faceted, offering customers a payment plan to pay down arrears and ensure their water isn’t turned off; an opportunity for customers who make payments on time to earn a monthly credit toward their arrears; and a conservation kit to help customers curb usage and therefore, reduce their bills.

The conservation kit includes leak-detection tablets, a low-flow shower head, low-flow aerators for kitchen faucets, and more. Customers who reduce their usage are also reducing their bills, which is particularly important during summer months when demand is traditionally high.

Interested customers can call Aqua at 877-987-2782 to find out if they qualify for Helping Hand, and Aqua will refer eligible customers to a local agency to apply.

Aqua uses the following requirements to determine eligibility:

-- The customer’s household income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level;

-- the account is more than 21 days past due; and

-- the customer has at least $110 in unpaid water bills.

Customers who wish to contribute to the Helping Hand program may also call Aqua at 877-WTR-AQUA (877-987-2782) or visit Aquas Helping Hand webpage.


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