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Bradford Conservation District’s Mike Lovegreen To Be Honored By CBF

Mike Lovegreen, long-serving Bradford County Conservation District Manager, will be honored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award on June 25 at Noon in the Capitol East Wing Rotunda in Harrisburg.

Lifetime Achievement awards are presented by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation infrequently and only to those most deserving individuals whose long-standing dedication to and achievement in saving the Bay merit special recognition.

Here is the official CBF award description--

“Mike Lovegreen has been the district manager of the Bradford County Conservation District  since 1980.

“During that time Mike has been one of CBF’s most valued partners in Pennsylvania, along with the district staff he leads. Mike and his staff have taken improving water quality in their county seriously.

“For 30 years they have delivered conservation programs for agriculture and other sectors comprehensively and creatively, demonstrating how multiple programs can be integrated and leveraged to deliver more benefits on the ground and in the water.

“Notably, BCCD has worked closely with CBF field staff to integrate riparian forested buffer implementation into their programs more successfully than any other county. They have done so while also accomplishing very high levels of traditional conservation work.

“Under Mike’s leadership, BCCD has successfully led a comprehensive watershed-wide effort to restore the impaired Stephen Foster Lake from phosphorus over enrichment. Today, the TMDL for the lake is on the verge of being met.

“In many ways, this effort demonstrates what can be done when governments, businesses, and citizens collaboratively strive to a water quality goal.

“As recently as 2012, Mike and his staff led efforts in Bradford County to facilitate more acres of new nutrient management plans to be developed here than in any other county in Pennsylvania. BCCD is typically at or near the top of the list in terms of agricultural BMP implementation, year after year.

“We have long partnered with Mike on innovative projects, such as CBF’s Buffer Bonus Program and he is always ready to share and test new ideas. Beyond work in his home county, Mike has volunteered countless hours on local and statewide committees and organizations, bringing his enthusiasm and vision to stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth.

“It is our great pleasure to honor him with our 2013 Pennsylvania Lifetime Achievement Award.”

NewsClip: Mike Lovegreen Retiring As Bradford Conservation District Manager


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