Scrapbook Photo 02/28/21 - 8 New Stories - What REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership Looks Like In PA:
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NewsClips from around Pennsylvania on a variety of environmental topics--

Survey Finds Varied Environmental Concerns Among Southeast Residents

Lehigh County Wants Localities to Help Pay for Open Space

First Brownfield Cleanup Signed Under EPA-DEP Agreement

Allentown Hopes to Use Growing Greener Funds for Brownfields

Local Officials Appeal for Help to Control Growth

Venango Trail Gets National Status

Bats Have a Ball Eating Mosquitoes

Eco-Camps Educate Children on Environment

New School to be Green

For Asian Nail Salons, EPA’s Lessons Translate

Arts and Science Remake Steel City

Landfill Develops New Energy Source

Wind Power May Breeze Into Berlin

To Preserve Open Space, Preserve Tax Breaks

Bushkill to Ask Voters to Approve Tax Increase for Open Space

Editorial: King of the (Garbage) Heap

Volunteers Have Tons of Fun Picking Up Trash

Study Says Ethanol Not Worth the Energy

Editorial: Costs of Used Vegetable Oil Priceless

Recycling Quadruples in Carbon Program

Dental Assn., DEP Partner to Reduce Mercury Discharges

Op-Ed: When Roadside Trash is Also Treasure

Plans for Restoring Palmerton Area Unveiled

Eagles No Longer Endangered in Pennsylvania

State Educates Children on Dangers of Mining Sites


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