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Keystone Recreation, Park And Conservation Fund Report Available

The 2012-13 Keystone Recreation, Parks and Conservation Fund annual report is now available on DCNR’s website.

The annual report, prepared for the governor and General Assembly, details how DCNR is administering funding from the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund Act, or “Key 93,” which became law in July 1993.

DCNR uses funding from the Keystone Fund for rehabilitation and upgrading state park and forest facilities; matching grants for planning, acquisition and development of county and local parks and trails; open space and land trust grants for natural areas and open space planning and acquisition; and rivers protection and conservation.

The report is a list of projects committed in FY 2012-13, which are park and forest infrastructure construction, maintenance or rehabilitation projects and related administrative program costs.

(Reprinted from DCNR’s July 10 Resource newsletter.)


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