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Independent Fiscal Office Reports PA Marcellus Tax Rates Lowest Of Any State

The Independent Fiscal Office Thursday issued a report comparing state and local taxation rates of natural gas producing states that found Pennsylvania had the lowest natural gas extraction taxation rates of any state, nearly one-third the rates in Texas.

The analysis included severance taxes as well as a discussion of corporate income, personal income, sale and use and tangible personal property taxes.

The report found Pennsylvania’s effective tax rate is 1.6 percent, followed by Ohio at 1.8 percent, North Dakota at 2.5 percent, Louisiana at 2.6 percent, Virginia at 3 percent, Oklahoma at 3.9 percent, Arkansas at 4.2 percent, Texas at 4.6 percent, Colorado at 5.6 percent, Michigan at 5.9 percent and West Virginia at 7.2 percent.

A copy of the report is available onlineClick Here for highlights from the report.


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