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Senate/House Bills Moving

The following bills of interest saw action this week in the House and Senate--


Potomac River Basin: House Bill 2039 (Moul-R-Adams) further providing for membership of the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin was referred into and out of House Appropriations and passed by the House.  A summary and House Fiscal Note are available.  The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

Standby Charges: House Bill 202 (Harper-R-Montgomery) prohibiting standby water service charges for fire companies was removed from the Table and is now on the House Calendar for action.

Gas Lease Royalties: House Bill 1684 (Everett-R-Lycoming) which seeks to clarify a minimum royalty payment in state law was amended and reported out of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and is now on the House Calendar for action.

Flood Insurance: House Resolution 648 (Millard-R-Columbia) urging Congress to re-examine flood insurance laws was adopted by the House.


Appalachian Trail License Plate: House Bill 770 (Miller-R-York) authorizing an Appalachian Trail license plate and other changes to the Vehicle Code was amended on the Senate Floor and passed by the Senate.  A summary and House Fiscal Note are available.  The bill was then concurred in by the House and now goes to the Governor for his action.

Summer Gasoline: Senate Bill 1037 (Vogel-R-Beaver) eliminating the summer low RVP gasoline requirement in Western Pennsylvania was reported from the Senate Appropriations Committee and passed by the Senate.  The bill now goes to the House for action.  A summary and Senate Fiscal Note are available.

Natural Gas Leases: Senate Bill 1237 (Yaw-R-Lycoming) prohibiting gas companies from retaliating against royalty interest owners of oil and gas wells by terminating their lease agreement and Senate Bill 1238 (Yaw-R-Lycoming) requiring gas companies to fill a satisfaction piece in the county Recorder of Deeds office when oil and gas leases are terminated were referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.


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