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General Environmental/Budget NewsClips

Here's a selection of NewsClips on environmental topics from around the state--

Punxsutawney Phil Now Wanted Varmint In NH

Gov. Wolf Tells NH To Back Off Punxsutawney Phil


Confirmation Hearing For Quigley Could Stir Debate

Not All Paperwork To Senate On Wolf Nominees


Wolf Proposes 5% Severance Tax For Schools

Wolf Outlines Promised Shale Tax As Education Fund

Wolf Outlines 5 Percent Tax On Natural Gas Drilling

Wolf Unveils Severance Tax On Natural Gas

Wolf Severance Tax Keeps Impact Fee For Communities

Wolf Proposes Natural Gas Severance Tax

Wolf Proposes 5% Natural Gas Tax

Wolf Presents Plan To Tax Natural Gas Drilling

Severance Tax Plan Prompts Swift Response

Op-Ed: Tax The Drillers?  Wait, We Do That Already

Editorial: Wolf Right On Natural Gas Tax

Editorial: Wolf Severance Tax Onerous

Editorial: What’s Best Use Of Severance Tax Revenue

Wolf Pressured To Restrict Gas Drilling


CMU Prof Makes New Pollution Maps Public

Biofuels Market Flattened By Cheap Diesel

Firm Drops Plans For Plant To Convert Gas To Other Fuels

Editorial: Charge! The Electric Vehicle Market

UPS To Build Refueling Stations In New Stanton

Shale Gas Has Utilities Rushing To Increase Electricity Supply

Agreement Reached In Lawsuit Over FirstEnergy Disposal Impoundment

PUC: Inefficiencies Costing FirstEnergy Millions

Small Coal Producers Await Shift In Demand, Prices

Team Raising Tribute To Cecil’s 271 Fallen Miners

Penn State, Other Universities Drop Fossil Fuel Investments

Fossil Fuel Diversement Movement Gains Momentum

Sen.  Bartolotta Vows To Protect Region’s Energy Jobs

Op-Ed: Northeast States Seek Energy-Efficient Partner

Demolition Of Steam Heat Plant That Caused Oil Spill

Beaver Valley Power Plan May Have Caused Auto Accident

Karns 1st Derry Twp RecycleBank Partner

City Of Harrisburg To Stop Recycling Glass

DEP Sues, Shuts Down Erie Trash Hauler

Anti-Landfill Group Holds Public Meeting

Group Increasingly Organized To Oppose Keystone Landfill

Companies Ordered To Pay $1.2M To Cleanup Junk Yard

York County’s Heritage Rail Trail PA Trail Of The Year

Ohio River Trail Council Readies For Next Phase

New Trail To Link Ridge Center To Presque Isle Bay

Editorial: Make Lasting Commitment To Delaware Water Gap

Audubon Preps For Great Backyard Bird Count

Pair These Bird Events With Great Backyard Bird Count

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