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Fort Indiantown Gap Earns U.S. Army National Guard Environmental Award

The Fort Indiantown Gap Training Center in Dauphin and Lebanon counties has received a first place award in the environmental restoration team category, and second place in the natural resources conservation team category in the 2015 Army National Guard Environmental Security Awards.

Pennsylvania outperformed 53 other states and territories to win the restoration award.

The military training center won the award for their efforts in capping and remediating an old landfill at the center, and for remediating old munitions. For the conservation award, the team was recognized for their continued habitat support and research of the regal fritillary butterfly.

Straddling the Dauphin-Lebanon county line, the Fort Indiantown Gap Training Center has 3,000 acres of grassland and scrubland habitat, 2,000 acres of improved and semi-improved grounds, 112 miles of streams, 294 acres of jurisdictional wetlands, and 12,000 acres of forest.

For more information, download a fact sheet on the regal fritillary butterfly at the Fort Indiantown Gap webpage.

(Reprinted from the Dec. 16 DCNR Resource newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy (bottom of the page).)


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