Exelon Nuclear: Efficiency, Innovation, State Policy Reforms Key To Nuclear’s Future

Exelon Generation’s Chief Nuclear Officer, Bryan Hanson addressed the 19th annual Electric Power Conference this week in Chicago, highlighting nuclear’s vital role in America’s clean energy future.

In a keynote speech Tuesday, Hanson said power generators must adapt, innovate and advocate for policy reforms to survive and grow in today’s challenging power markets.

“Efficiency improvements and new technologies are making our facilities safer, cleaner and more effective, but operating our nuclear units safely and reliably isn’t enough anymore,” Hanson said. “We have to adapt, innovate and advocate for the value of our people and our plants.”

Hanson detailed Exelon’s support of a clean energy standard in New York and legislation in Illinois that together are expected to preserve thousands of nuclear jobs, retain billions of dollars in annual economic activity, enhance energy efficiency programs and deliver additional benefits to customers.

Other states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Connecticut may explore similar types of programs.

“In the absence of coordinated federal policy, states have an important role to play, as New York and Illinois have demonstrated,” Hanson said. “Sensible state energy policies can unleash investment, accelerate job growth and create an environment for innovation to thrive. Preserving our financially challenged nuclear plants is essential if we are to meet our nation’s clean energy goals and maintain a reliable electric grid.”

Hanson also described how Exelon recently identified more than $160 million in operational efficiencies and continues to build a culture of innovation to incubate game-changing ideas and new technologies from within the company.

Click Here to watch a video to learn more about Exelon’s nuclear innovations.  Click Here to learn more about Exelon’s nuclear facilities.

For more information on programs and initiatives, visit Exelon’s Sustainability webpage.

(Photo: Three Mile Island, Dauphin County.)


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[Posted: April 13, 2017]


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