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Aramark Demonstrates Progress In Minimizing Food Waste

Philadelphia-based Aramark Monday announced the latest step demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing, reusing and recycling food waste through responsible practices, from the initial purchase to final waste disposal.

Aramark’s Food Waste Progress Report published Monday highlights recent steps toward its goal to reduce food waste by 50 percent by 2030. Progress includes:

-- 100 percent of the company’s food locations tracking waste, enabling better decisions about what to purchase and how much to prepare;

-- 500 of its largest accounts using cutting edge waste tracking technology provided by LeanPath, a food waste prevention company;

-- 100,000 pounds of food donated this past year to local non-profit organizations feeding those in need, helping the environment and our communities; and

-- 86 percent of its university dining halls implementing trayless dining, reducing waste by almost two ounces per person, and decreasing energy, water, and cleaning chemicals.

“We are committed to making progress through our industry leading food management practices and procedures,” said Harrald Kroeker, Aramark’s Senior Vice President of Transformation. “We serve 2 billion meals annually. Our goal to reduce the amount of food waste we generate 50 percent by 2030 can make a meaningful difference to our business, the environment and communities.”

From back-of-house practices in our kitchens and front-of-house consumer engagement and education, Aramark is minimizing waste by focusing on where it can make the greatest environmental impact.

The company’s approach is consistent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s food recovery hierarchy, which calls for reducing food waste before it is even generated, then feeding hungry people, followed by feeding animals, composting, and landfilling as a last resort.

This past year Aramark was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champion for its efforts.

“Aramark is stepping up to the plate to keep good food from going to waste,” said JoAnne Berkenkamp, Natural Resources Defense Council’s Senior Advocate of the Food and Agriculture Program. “Saving food not only saves money, it saves water, land and energy. By committing to food waste reduction and aggressively tracking waste in their kitchens, Aramark is helping to protect our planet.”

The company’s food waste reduction practices are part of its Green Thread™ environmental sustainability commitment.

Aramark is focused on the areas it can make the greatest impact and include sourcing responsibly, minimizing waste and running buildings and fleet efficiently.

For more about Green Thread™ and to read the company’s full food waste progress report, visit Aramark’s Reducing Our Waste webpage.


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[Posted: June 19, 2017]


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