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DEP Climate Advisory Committee Meets Feb. 26 For Update On Action Plan, Impacts Assessment, Inventory

The DEP Climate Change Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet on February 26 to hear the latest from DEP on the 2018 update to Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan.

Also on the agenda is a discussion of Climate Action Plan Implementation and Outreach, a 2018 Climate Impacts Assessment Update (the last one was done in 2015) and a revised 2018 Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

The Committee is also scheduled to discuss Gov. Wolf’s Executive Order setting an overall greenhouse gas reduction goal for Pennsylvania.

The meeting will be held in Room 105 of the Rachel Carson Building starting at 10:00.

For more information and available handouts, visit the DEP Climate Change Advisory Committee webpage.  Questions should be directed to Lindsay Byron by calling 717-772-8951 or sending email to:

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[Posted: Feb. 16, 2019]


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