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Penn State Extension Webinar On How Colorado Prioritizes Oil & Gas Well Inspections

On February 21, Penn State Extension held a webinar on How Colorado Prioritizes Oil and Gas Well Inspections Using a Risk-Based Approach.

Click Here to view an archived copy of the webinar when posted.

In 2014, Colorado instituted the statute for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to transition to a risk-based strategy for oil and gas inspections.

This strategy was implemented in March, 2016, establishing relative risks in six parameters regarding population density, environment, site inspection history, years in service, historic spills and corrective action.

Mike Leonard, community relations manager with the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, will discuss the COGCC’s risk-based approach to well inspections, covering the background, approach, implementation and outcomes thus far.

“This program has enabled COGCC to develop a more uniform inspection process by utilizing defined parameters to determine inspection priority," Leonard said. "By using a manageable GIS-based model, we can obtain daily relative risk factor scores for all wells in the state.”

Leonard has 26 years’ experience working in the oil and gas industry in well completion and oilfield construction prior to joining the COGCC in 2006. Previously, he has worked as field inspector, field inspection supervisor, quality assurance professional with the Field Inspection Group.

In addition to his professional experience, Leonard has nine years’ experience in the volunteer fire service and was a Colorado State Certified Emergency Medical Technician. He attained the rank of Assistant Chief of the #1 Cheyenne County Fire Department and was a State Certified EMT assistant instructor, as well as holding certifications as a First Aid/CPR instructor.

Click Here to view an archived copy of the webinar when posted.

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