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May 19 Webinar On Spotted Lanternfly In Forest Ecosystems

Penn State Extension is hosting a May 19 webinar on the Spotted Lanternfly in Forest Ecosystems from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

This webinar will present the current state of on-the-ground experience and research informing issues and questions related to the invasive spotted lanternfly’s implications in regional forest systems.

Spotted lanternfly (SLF) has a wide range of hosts, including hardwood species of economic and ecological importance, but the reality of the effect of SLF in forests is nuanced and still involves uncertainty.

Yet as we have learned more about this new invader, we have refined our hypotheses about its impacts in natural systems, conducted experiments to evaluate its behavior and habitat requirements, and begun to assess possible larger-scale control measures and integrated pest management strategies in which forest and vegetation managers may have opportunities to act.

Additionally, the forest management and forest products industries have been proactive in designing industry-specific biosecurity best management practices and adapting to quarantine regulations.

This program provides a roundup of current SLF information relevant to stakeholders working in the fields of forest ecology, management, and products.

Professionals in natural resource fields including foresters, land managers, vegetation management contractors, urban foresters, arborists, etc.; forest landowners; forest products industry professionals.

Click Here to register for this free webinar or for more information.

For more information on Spotted Lanternfly, visit Agriculture’s Spotted Lanternfly webpage and the Penn State Extension Spotted Lanternfly webpage.

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[Posted: May 11, 2020]


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