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PennVEST Announces New Small Water Infrastructure Project Funding Program

On August 18, the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority board of directors announced a recently approved a new funding opportunity for lower-cost water quality projects, allowing for accelerated funding approval. 

The Small Project Initiative (SPI) is available statewide and is designed to efficiently support repairs, short-term construction for water, wastewater, non-point source and stormwater improvements.

SPI funding is available for public or private entities with a maximum award amount of $500,000 in low-interest loan funding.  Projects must address a service area of less than 12,000 people or incorporate less than 1,000 system hook-ups. 

The program allows PennVEST staff to perform appropriate reviews and render a decision targeted at two weeks, rather than requiring approval at a quarterly board of directors meeting.

“This new Small Project Initiative is the perfect tool for communities that have defined water quality needs, with planning and permitting in place and ready quickly move to bidding and construction.” said Eric Menzer, chairman of the PennVEST board of directors. “SPI funding is a flexible opportunity for short-term improvements and can be approved and distributed by PennVEST staff in the most timely fashion. 

“In addition, the funding serves as an ideal matching award for other existing federal, state or local funding opportunities such as the Department of Community & Economic Development’s PA Small Water and Sewer Program.”

Applications can be submitted at any time.  All applications must be submitted electronically through the PennVEST portal.

For more information on the program, visit PennVEST’s Small Project Initiative webpage.

Since its inception in 1988, PennVEST has funding more than 3,000 clean water projects throughout Pennsylvania, providing nearly $10 billion in funding.

Visit the PA Infrastructure Investment Authority website for a variety of other funding opportunities.

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[Posted: August 19, 2020


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