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DEP Accepting Composting Infrastructure Development Grant Applications

The Department of Environmental Protection is now accepting applications for Composting Infrastructure Development Grant Program.

Applications are due June 28.

For-profit business entities and nonprofit organizations are eligible for grants on a competitive basis to increase the quantity of yard and/or food wastes collected and processed in this Commonwealth.

The Department will award grants of up to $100,000 to any one project. $450,000 is available to fund projects.

Additional consideration will be given to applications that are developed in consultation with the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center 717-948-6660

The municipal waste stream in Pennsylvania consists of over 30 percent organic materials that could be recycled and diverted from the waste stream and managed by composting. Composting of organic wastes helps to lessen the burden on landfill capacity and creates a beneficial soil conditioner that can be marketed.

Applications for the 2007 program may be obtained by contacting Charles Scheidler, Bureau of Waste Management, 717-787-7382 or by sending email to: .

DEP said grant applications will be available on the Composting webpage.


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