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PennDOT Expands BicyclePA Program to Nine Designated Routes

Pennsylvania’s countryside will soon be alive with color and PennDOT is encouraging bicycling enthusiasts and weekend riders to explore Pennsylvania’s fall foliage with a ride on any one of Pennsylvania’s nine BicyclePA routes.

The recently completed Route V starts at the Ohio border in Lawrence County and travels about 360 miles, nearly paralleling Interstate 80, to the New Jersey border in Northampton County. It promises to offer bicyclists not only blazing autumn color but also a host of tourist attractions.

The route spans five tourism regions, including Pittsburgh and its Countryside, Pennsylvania Wilds, The Alleghenies and Her Valleys, Northeast Pennsylvania Mountain Region, and Philadelphia and the Countryside. Among the many attractions offered along or near the route, bicyclists can explore Penn’s Cave, historic Brookville, Lewisburg and Danville, shopping outlets and several state parks.

BicyclePA routes are designed by experienced bicyclists associated with PennDOT’s Pedacycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and provide bicycling enthusiasts with a guide to traveling across the Commonwealth. The routes use a combination of lower-traffic volume roads and rail-trails.

Working through the advisory committee, the BicyclePA program called upon volunteers from local bicycle clubs, tourist promotion agencies, other planning agencies and PennDOT to determine safe, scenic bicycle touring routes.

All BicyclePA routes are clearly marked; PennDOT has invested more than $200,000 to install and maintain signs along the routes.

Along with the addition of Route V, Route L in the Allentown area was also recently redesigned. The 225-mile stretch extends from Susquehanna County to Chester County and boasts a rural setting despite passing close to the major metropolitan areas of Scranton, Allentown and Philadelphia.

PennDOT’s Pedacycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meets quarterly to ensure that bicyclists and pedestrians are well represented on projects undertaken by the commonwealth.

The first BicyclePA route, Route G, opened in 1999. It starts at the New York State border in Lawrenceville, Tioga County, and travels 235 miles to the Maryland State border in Bedford County.

More information, visit the Bicycle PA webpage.


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