Scrapbook Photo 05/24/20 - Senate, House Republicans Anticipate Action On FY 2020-21 Budget:
On the Senate/House Agenda

The Senate and House have the following committee meetings scheduled next week and published Calendars for December 3—

Calendars – December 3

House: House Bill 1281 (Freeman-D-Lehigh) requiring municipalities to protect the Appalachian Trail.

Senate (Regular Session): Senate Bill 1020 (Wonderling-R-Montgomery) updating the Conservation District Law.

Senate (Special Session): Special Session Senate Bill 1 (MJ.White-R-Venango), the Alternative Energy Investment Act; Special Session Senate Bill 4 (Browne-R-Lehigh) establishing alternative energy research and development tax credits; Special Session Senate Bill 6 (Erickson-R-Delaware) establishing a solar installation tax credit; Special Session Senate Bill 8 (Wozniak-D-Cambria) excluding insulation and other energy conservation materials from Sales Tax; Special Session Senate Bill 22 (Tomlinson-R-Bucks) increasing the reimbursement for alternative vehicle fuels from five to ten cents per gallon; Special Session Senate Bill 25 (Waugh-R-York) adding “sugars, lignins” to the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards; Special Session Senate Bill 26 (Wonderling-R-Montgomery) requiring state-owned vehicles to be fueled with biofuels; Special Session Senate Bill 31 (D.White-R-Indiana) adding a more specific definition of low-impact hydropower and Special Session Senate Bill 36 (MJ.White-R-Venango) Biodiesel Study and Production Incentive Act which will trigger mandates for the use of biodiesel based on biodiesel fuel production capacity for production sold to distributors in Pennsylvania.


House: the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee meets to consider Special Session House Bill 15 (King-D-Bucks) setting minimum energy efficiency standards for appliances; and Special Session House Bill 36 (George-D-Clearfield) establishing a State Energy Office; the Local Government Committee meets to consider House Bill 904 (Freeman-D-Lehigh) authorizing local temporary development moratoriums; the House Republican Policy Committee has a public hearing on the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund.

Senate: the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee meets to consider House Resolution 410 (DeWeese-D-Greene) that would designate December 19 “Coal Miner’s Day,” Senate Bill 497 (Robbins-R-Mercer) making changes to landowner liability opening land to recreation and hunting and Senate Bill 1050 (Baker-R-Luzerne) transferring $3 million to a new Used Tire Pile Remediation Account from the Recycling Fund; the Local Government Committee meets to consider House Bill 1329 (Kessler-D-Berks) further providing for challenges to the validity of zoning ordinances.


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