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$500,000 in Grants Awarded in Municipal Flood Mitigation Projects

The Department of Environmental Protection this week announced the award of nearly $500,000 in grants to help local municipalities improve operations at 17 flood protection projects in 15 counties.

The Department of Environmental Protection oversees approximately 100 flood protection projects, ranging from simple culverts to engineered channels, detention and debris basins, and major levee systems. The department conducts yearly inspections, provides technical assistance, and manages the state’s flood protection grant program.

Flood protection grants are awarded annually to municipal sponsors of existing flood protection projects. The grants provide up to 65 percent of the costs for project improvements and non-routine maintenance, and up to 50 percent of the cost for specialized equipment to maintain these projects in a state of readiness.

Sponsors become responsible for the long-term operation and routine maintenance of flood protection projects once construction of a federal or state-funded project is completed. Grants are awarded based on anticipated benefits to the project, such as extending project life, improving functionality or emergency response capabilities.

There are an estimated $475 million needed in state and federal funding for potential flood protection projects across the Commonwealth, with another $800 million needed to repair high hazard dams.

A complete list of grants awarded is available online.

For more information, visit DEP’s Flood Protection webpage.


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