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Technical Guidance & Permits

The Department of Environmental Protection published a notice rescinding nine different policy statements related to the Storage Tank Program. Details below—

DEP ID: 257-2300-001. Final Rulemaking: Chapter 245, Subchapters A and B (relating to general provisions; and certification program for installers and inspectors of storage tanks and storage tank facilities general certification requirements).

DEP ID: 257-2318-004. Summary for the Permitting of Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Systems and Facilities; Chapter 245, Subchapter C (relating to permitting of underground and aboveground storage tank systems and facilities).

DEP ID: 257-2318-002. P. E. Certification for ASTs

DEP ID: 257-4180-003. Strategy for Addressing the 1998 Federal and State Deadline for Upgrading Existing USTs

DEP ID: 257-2318-001. ASNT Level II Certification

DEP ID: 257-0900-020. Summary of the Technical Standards for USTs, Chapter 245, Subchapter E (relating to technical standards for underground storage tanks).

DEP ID: 257-0900-018. Summary of Technical Requirements for ASTs, Chapter 245, Subchapter F (relating to technical standards for aboveground storage tanks and facilities).

DEP ID: 257-0900-019. Summary of the Simplified Program for Small ASTs, Chapter 245, Subchapter G (relating to simplified program for small aboveground storage tanks).

DEP ID: 257-2318-003. Upgrade Requirements Triggered by Substantial Modification of USTs

For copies of Draft Technical Guidance (DEP website)

For copies of Final Technical Guidance (DEP website)


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