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PA CleanWays Coastal Cleanups in 2007 Net Over 9 Tons of Junk

PA CleanWays and its partners participated in the International Coastal Cleanups in September 2007 that resulted in collecting over 9 tons of illegally dumped items in the Delaware Estuary.

The cleanups were organized by PA CleanWays, Verizon Telecom Pioneer, Coastal Zone Management Program, Montgomery County Conservation District, Plymouth Township Parks and Recreation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Green Valleys Association with F.A.C.E of the Pickering, and the Lower Merion High School Environmental Club and local volunteers.

A total of 120 volunteers worked at various cleanup sites throughout the southeast region to remove the illegally dumped items and trash. Volunteers hand picked trash and assisted the Philadelphia Water Department to remove large items from local waterways.

Debris and litter are more than an eyesore; these items are dangerous to humans and wildlife. Plastics, plastic strapping, and six-pack holders can strangle and endanger wildlife or can be ingested and cause damage to internal organs and intestinal blockage which can be fatal. Scientists estimate that more than one million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die each year as a result of entanglement or ingestion of litter and debris, according to The Ocean Conservancy.

The International Coastal Cleanup is the world’s largest single-day volunteer effort to improve the health of the world’s lakes, streams, rivers, and coastal and marine environments for both humans and wildlife.

PA CleanWays coordinates cleanups in the southeast region of Pennsylvania, working with the statewide ICC Day coordinator, Leni Herr, and local groups to promote the world wide cleanup event.

The 2008 International Coastal Cleanup will be held in September again this year.

For more information, contact Michelle Dunn, PA CleanWays, at 1-877-772-3673 ext 37 or send email to: .

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