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Ground Broken on $100 Million Solar Manufacturing Project in Bucks County

AE Polysilicon this week broke ground at the Bucks County’s Keystone International Port Complex for a $100 million plant that will manufacture high-purity polysilicon used in the solar power industry.

Along with the manufacturing facility that is to be housed on the 32-acre parcel, the company plans to create 145 jobs, with another 60-plus construction and contract workers needed over the next year.

“Global demand for clean energy and solar power in particular is booming; however, limited supplies of polysilicon has restrained the industry’s ability to mass produce affordable solar cells and modules,” said AE Polysilicon founder and President Dr. York Tsuo. “It is our vision to advance the competitiveness of the global solar energy industry by using cost-effective production technology. We are very excited to locate in Pennsylvania, with its strong commitment to developing a clean energy economy and its skilled workforce. Our product is the basic building block for the solar energy industry. We expect downstream manufacturers and solar projects to follow us to Pennsylvania.”

AE Polysilicon will help fill a supply void in the solar industry. The company will manufacture polysilicon, which is the raw material used to produce the solar cells and modules that convert solar energy into electricity. Currently there are less than 10 polysilicon manufacturers in the world.

“Right now, the high cost of solar power makes it prohibitive to many homeowners and business owners,” said Secretary McGinty. “While we continue pushing the Governor’s proposal for solar rebates, having new companies like AE Polysilicon enter the market will help increase supplies of a very important component to solar panels; improve the economies of scale and efficiencies. Together, this will drive down prices making solar technology more affordable for everyone.”

The Governor's Action Team coordinated an $8.2 million funding package for AE Polysilicon, with the Bucks County Economic Development Corporation as sponsor. The new facility will be located in a Keystone Opportunity Improvement Zone. KOIZs work to develop a community’s abandoned, unused, underutilized land and buildings into business districts.


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