Scrapbook Photo 11/28/21 - 36 New Stories - REAL Environmental & Conservation Leadership In PA:
Watershed NewsClips

Read a sampling of NewsClips on watershed topics from around Pennsylvania.

Groups Push Funding to Revive Polluted Waterways

Senate Calls for Study of Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Costs

West Branch Susquehanna Restoration Projects Now Under Way

Lock Haven Bills to Skyrocket Under Chesapeake Bay Requirements

Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Funding Sought

Chesapeake Bay Sticker Shock

Plants to Keep Nutrients at Bay, But Cost a Concern

State Asked to Fund Sewer Plant Upgrades

Passing the Buck on Water Quality

Chesapeake Sticker Shock

Danville Challenges Sewer Upgrade Requirements

New Bucks Conservation District Chief Focuses on Education, Watersheds

Dam Repair Ranks High on Rendell’s Must-Do List

Infrastructure Concerns Can Be “Damning”

Rebuilt Dam to Revive Fishing Spot

Wittlinger Dam Removal on Yellow Breeches

Winter Storm Boosts Drought Recovery Efforts

Susquehanna River’s Potential Unrealized Group Says

Despite Plant Fixes, Sewage Still Spilling Into Yough


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