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December 27, 2004
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* Our Gift to You – Pennsylvania’s Environment Desktop 2004
To help celebrate the beauty and diversity of Pennsylvania’s environment, PA Environment Digest is pleased to provide you with this gift.
* Instant Replay: 2004 Environmental Legislative Accomplishments
More than a dozen environmental initiatives were approved by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor in 2004. Here’s a quick rundown on what was accomplished this year.
* Rendell Offers Mid-Term Assessment of Accomplishments
Gov. Rendell offered his own assessment of his first two years in office highlighting three main accomplishments: increased funding for education, property tax relief through slots legislation and the economic stimulus package to rebuild communities.
* Op-Ed: Pennsylvania's Environment Remains Top Priority -- By Rep. Bill Adolph
I, and my colleagues in the House and Senate, remain committed to addressing Pennsylvania's environmental problems. There have been some people who think the Legislature failed to act on efforts to place a Growing Greener enhancement bond on the upcoming spring primary election ballot. However, that is simply not the case.
* Fumo’s Mid-Year Review of Budget, Urges Transfer to Hazardous Sites Fund
The state budget will finish the year with a budget surplus of around $500 million, according Sen. Vince Fumo (D-Philadelphia), Democratic Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He made the assessment as part of his own mid-year budget review.
* Rendell to Call Special Mass Transit Session of General Assembly
Gov. Rendell announced stopgap funding for mass transit systems across Pennsylvania and also said he would be calling the General Assembly into special session on January 17 to consider a permanent solution to transit funding difficulties.
* Next Round of Growing Greener Watershed Grant Applications Due in March
The Department of Environmental Protection announced this week it will accept applications for watershed restoration and protection grants for the seventh year of Growing Greener.
* Apply Now for Small Watershed Grants from Fish & Boat Commission
The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is encouraging eligible organizations to apply for funding through the Chesapeake Bay Small Watershed Grants Program for projects to protect and improve watersheds in the Chesapeake Bay basin.
* Alt Retires From Pennsylvania Game Commission
Dr. Gary Alt, Pennsylvania Game Commission Deer Management Section Supervisor, submitted a letter announcing his retirement effective December 31.
* 15 Projects Approved Thru Business In Our Sites, Including Brownfields
Gov. Rendell this week announced the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) has approved its first 15 projects, totaling over $16 million in grants and loans, through the “Business in Our Sites” program. The projects will work to create shovel-ready sites for businesses through land acquisition, construction and feasibility studies.
* Latest on Green Buildings from the Green Building Alliance in Pittsburgh
Building green is becoming more and more the norm, and the latest email update from the Green Building Alliance in Pittsburgh provides ample evidence. Here’s just some of what’s going on--
* Nominations Now Being Accepted for 2005 Preservation Pennsylvania Awards
Preservation Pennsylvania is now accepting nominations to recognize individuals and organizations involved in projects to preserve, restore or rehabilitate buildings of historical significance in the Commonwealth.
* Quick Clips
Here's a sampling of NewsClips from around Pennsylvania on environmental topics.
* Instant Replay: Significant Environmental Headlines of 2004
Not all the headlines in 2004 were about environmental legislation. There were lots of other significant action—some “firsts,” changes in regulatory programs, milestones passed and new proposals laid out.
* Governor, Cabinet Officials Get 5.2 Percent Cost of Living Increase
Following members of the General Assembly in November, the Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Auditor General, Cabinet Officers and other high ranking public officials will get an automatic 5.2 percent raise beginning January 1.
* PEMA Urges Winter Weather Preparedness
The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency this week urged Pennsylvanians to move forward with winter storm preparedness, by readying their homes and vehicles for the possibility of major snow and ice storms or severe cold.
* TAKING POSITIVE ACTION: Meet Our “Forces of Nature” for 2004, Follow the Leaders into a Green 2005
Contrary to that famous frog, it IS easy to be green. Just follow the lead of thousands of farmers, businesses, teachers, students, public officials, watershed groups and just plain folks who have done terrific things to protect and restore our environment and lighten their environmental footprint.
* Watershed NewsClips
Here's a selection of NewsClips on watershed issues from around the state.
* Regulations
Here's the latest on Environmental Quality Board regulations, plus changes to Governor's disaster declarations.
* Calendar of Events
Upcoming conferences, meetings and events, plus links to other calendars.
* Contributions Invited
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