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August 30 2004
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* Pay Hike? Gas Tax Hike? Tied to Growing Greener II?
Speculation about whether a legislative pay raise or a gas tax hike will all be linked to a final agreement on the Governor’s environmental spending proposals and passed this Fall was floating around the Capitol again this week. Only this time it broke out into the open in a press story.
* Senate, House Environmental Committees Set Waste Coal Meetings
This week the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee scheduled an informational meeting on the use of waste coal in Pennsylvania for September 16 in Indiana.
* Bay Foundation Logs 1,000 + Forested Stream Buffers in Less Than Four Years
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, in partnership with Pennsylvania farmers, landowners, and government agenciesthis week celebrated the accomplishment of two major milestones, the creation of more than 1,000 miles of forested buffers along streams and rivers, and the restoration of 4,000 acres of wetlands. Forested buffers and wetlands significantly reduce polluted runoff which is damaging local streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay. (full story)
* Farmland Preservation Board Preserves 3,780 More Acres
The Farmland Preservation Board voted this week to add 30 farms, totaling 3,780 acres, to the Farmland Preservation Program. These farms join the more than 2,400 other farms already preserved in perpetuity 284,783 acres across the state.
* Penn State's Hydrogen Energy Center Hosts 'Hydrogen Day”
Penn State's Hydrogen Energy Center will present its second "Hydrogen Day at Penn State" October 25 at the University Park campus.
* Conestoga Watershed Credit Project Features NutrientNet
Residents of the Conestoga Watershed in Lancaster County got a first-hand experience in trading water pollution credits at a special workshop on August 17.
* Proposed TMDL Berks County
Request for Comments on Conestoga TMDLs in Berks County
* Energy Savings Pay Off
Energy Savings Plan Paying Off for Northampton County
* Forums on Coping with Rising Energy Costs at Colleges/Universities Set
A series of six, free regional forums will be held in September across the state on helping colleges and universities cope with increased energy costs in an age of shrinking budgets and interest in the environment.
* Pittsburgh School District Given “STAR” Status for Pest Management Program
The Pittsburgh School District recently became the fifth school district in the nation and the first in Pennsylvania to become IPM STAR certified by the IPM Institute of North America in recognition of its integrated pest management program. (Read the full story)
* Pittsburgh Architects Seeking Nominees for Green Design Awards
Nominees are now being sought for The Green Design Citation presented through collaboration between the AIA Pittsburgh Committee on the Environment and the Green Building Alliance.
* Communities Could Gain from EPA Proposal Encouraging Property Purchase
To encourage the purchase, cleanup, reuse and economic revitalization of property that may be environmentally contaminated, EPA announced a proposed rule this week requiring potential owners to conduct certain inquiries into the previous ownership, uses, and environmental conditions of the land prior to purchase.
* EPA Releases List of State-Local Fish Advisories
For the 12th straight year, EPA is releasing its summary of information on locally-issued fish advisories and safe-eating guidelines. This information is provided to EPA annually by states, territories and tribes.
* New Environmental Research Fellowship Opportunities Announced
EPA announced approximately 100 new fellowships will be awarded for research in environmental fields of study through the Agency’s Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program.
* Investing in Climate Change
Guide Advises Investors of Risk, Opportunity on Global Climate Change
* Economic Development Apps Due
Applications are due to the Department of Community and Economic Development for two programs-
* Early Fall Can Be a Batty Time for Homeowners
The Pennsylvania Game Commission is advising residents that late August and early September can be a troubling times for homeowners with older houses, window air-conditioners, or dusk-to-dawn outdoors lighting, because their homes are more prone to be entered by a bat.
* Taking Positive Action - Two PA Groups Get National Awards
Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton this week announced winners of the 2004 National Take Pride in America Awards. Two of the awards went to Pennsylvania groups-- the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition, in Cranberry Township, PA is a winner in the public/private partnership category and the Presque Isle State Park Volunteers in Erie, PA in the Local Government Category.
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