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Scranton, Dunmore High Students Compete in First Greensylvania Recycling Competition

DEP Northeast Regional Director Michael Bedrin recently presented the “Greensylvania Recycling Award” to a team of seventh and eighth graders from Scranton High School, winners of a five-week pilot recycling competition sponsored by DEP, U.S. EPA, the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania and Lackawanna County.
Students from Scranton High School competed against students from nearby Dunmore High in the amount of paper collected at each school for recycling.
In addition, the students helped spread the word about recycling and protecting the environment to their respective schools, teachers, friends and parents.
1,986 students inScranton High collected 4,640 pounds of paper during October or 2.34 pounds per student. 891 students in Dunmore High School collected 1,020 pounds of recyclables or 1.14 pounds per student.
Greensylvania was patterned after the RecycleMania competitions on college campuses nationwide.


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